Wrong Day

I left for the airport last night about 10:30 PM, and arrived there right on time at 11:00 PM for my flight at midnight. I walk up to the self-service check-in kiosk, swipe my credit card, nothing. I get out my AAdvantage Platium card, swipe it, finds it. It won’t let me check in. Weird. Then I notice why. Apparantly my flight was booked for 8/1, not 7/31. Whoops. I guess I’ll be a day late getting to Miami. Word of advice, double check your reservations before you click the confirm button :). Of course, my same bitch still holds true. They were overbooked by 4 on the first flight and 6 on the second flight, so there was no way to even get there early on stand-by. What is it with airlines having no excess capacity anywhere in their networks these days? Sucks to be a frequently flyer when things go wrong and there’s no seats available.

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