Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore

The Onion has a faux interview with Dave Matthews, in which he says: “I used to be a hardcore Dave Matthews fan. I had all my records and posters. I was so blown away by everything I did—especially my live performances. I remember me and my buddies used to drive for hours just to go to one of our shows.” Awesome. I freaking love The Onion. via nancies.org.

Back from vacation

I’m back from vacation. I spent Friday-Monday at The Gorge watching the Dave Matthews Band. They put on an excellent show, and I thoroughly enjoyed all three nights, but Saturday was definitely the best show. Setlists are available at Nancies.org. I’m still catching up on things, so if you’ve sent me an email or there’s a blog post of yours I should have read or watch, hang on and I’ll be getting to it this week hopefully.

pt discovers ad-hoc networks

pt should be watching my vlog more regularly. In this post on the MAKE Blog, he discovers exactly what I outlined in Clint on Tech, Episode 4. Check out the episode for detailed instructions on how to do this on both the Mac and the PC.

The Neutron Bomb Inventor

I wonder sometimes why I subscribe to Boing Boing. I’ve rarely found anything on there that I’ve found interesting. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever even linked to them. I guess I’m being a lemming and following the inertia they’ve developed figuring that if I don’t subscribe I’ll miss something interesting. It turns out (even though it may not be worth it, since I’m sure someone else I read will link to this as well) that every once in a while they do produce a gem of content. Today they have an exclusive article, written by Charles Platt, a former Senior Writer at Wired, about Sam Cohen, the inventor of the Neutron Bomb. The Neutron Bomb is a term I’ve not really heard since my childhood, of which I have vague memories of people talking about the horror of the idea. Frankly, I always thought it was interesting, a bomb that would kill people but not destroy the infrastructure. It always seemed like a win/win for me, if we were going to be killing people in the first place. Sam Cohen fought his entire working life to convince people it was the most humane weapon possible, and, as is usually the case, his story, and the story of the bomb itself, is much more interesting and far more compelling than the memoirs and stories of any politician I’ve read. This is a must read. The Boing Boing story is here and the PDF containing the actual story is here.

Content. Of course!

I don’t spend enough time writing about other vlogs here. I’m starting a renewed effort today. You must see this entry on Ryanne’s vlog. Rock on. Content. Lets talk about it. Start a discussion today. Better yet, lets blog about it, revlog other people’s content. Lets start seeing other people’s content on your blog, or start a blog like Josh did (Josh’s Picks). Content is key, and we’re not going anywhere until we start showing people the best of what we can do. How do we determine the best? One way is better tools, but using the tools now the best way I can see is to use the knowledge of the community to come to a consensus about good content. Lets get people voting with links for what they like and voting with text in their emails for what they like. Lets just get people talking about it. If I don’t say it enough, you rock Ryanne (and I’ll give Jay a little credit too, but not too much 🙂 ).

Gillmor Gang in Video?

Check out this post from Steve Gillmor on August 2nd (I know, I’m really behind on my reading):

Soon it will be September and a new budget year. Once more the Valley will turn back to flipping startups and serving fish and chips. But this time the deals will be with the new content kids on the block, and Firefox will rule the land. And I shall be editing the new Gillmor Gang video edition, brought to you in part by SkypeSight and InMediaWeTrust.

The Gillmor Gang video edition? I thought I’d die before I saw the day, but if I can make it till next year I might see it (lest we forget that Gillmor and his gang have been known to be video poopooers in the past). Give me a call Steve, my number’s on this site, I’ll be happy to help. We’re always looking for more people on the bleeding edge with us.

links for 2005-08-15

The Power of Seattle

God, I love living in the Greater Seattle area (don’t want to say I live there, lest the West-Siders pounce on me calling me a poser 🙂 ). I invited Phillip Torrone of MAKE Magazine out to the Meet The Vloggers event at the Apple Store on August 6th for an interview for Clint on Tech. While there, Matt & Pete from LeanBackVids and VlogMap.org showed Ander’s Wonderful World video, which he made with Google Earth and VlogMap.org data. It’s a great video, check it out. pt posted a link to this on the MAKE blog, and Scoble, via Daniel Nugent who obviously reads MAKE, posted a link to it on his blog. All this because of a simple email to pt asking if he’d like to show up. I love the fact I live in an area with so many successful new media players. Robert, I think you should be my next interview on “Clint on Tech.” Whatcha think, have some time in the next few weeks?

I’m hoping to stay in this area come the end of the year. However, right now the leading contender in the job market (the firmest thing coming) is in Denver. Anyone know what the blogging/vlogging community is like in Denver? Vlogging isn’t nearly as promising as it is here, but I’m a bit ignorant about the blogging community there. I’m not sure I’m in a position to start another company again, that seems like it would be better attempted in another 5 years or so, but I’d be happy to join an early age startup. I’m talking to a couple, but nothing’s firm yet. Anyone in Seattle looking for a New Media Guy & Technologist?


I love PubSub, Technorati, etc. I posted this less than two hours ago, and Robert’s already responded (check the comments). It’s better than email, really. I’m much more likely to respond to my name mentioned in my vanity feeds than my email, but that might be a volume thing.

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Verdi pissed me off tonight with his post to the Videoblogging Group. I love Michael; he’s a great guy who gives himself fully to the community, but his attitude towards people who are looking to make money off of vlogging really grates on my nerves sometimes. It’s not that these people aren’t misguided, a lot of them are very misguided. Most of them will never make a cent, but I don’t see the problem with entertaining them, assuming they’re being respectful, civil and otherwise good community members. Perhaps I’m way off base here. Anyways, since I was pissed off, I filmed this rant, which basically sums up my feelings on the money thing. I want to make a living off of this, in whatever way possible, so I can do what I love doing rather than hating my job. I think most people agree and would do the same, but for some reason I’ve been labeled ‘the money man.’ Anyways, let me know what you think, I’m sure everyone will have an opinion.