Clint on Tech: Episode 4, Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

On my way back from New York, my wife and I were forced to stay overnight at a hotel room in Dallas. We had one Internet connection to share between us and two laptops. I setup a ad-hoc wireless network between the two computers to share the connection, and I thought it’d make a good subject for a Clint on Tech episode. Couple of things I’m trying different to improve the production value, so let me know what you think. First, I’ve purchased some additional lighting. I’m still trying to learn how to place this stuff in such a small room. Secondly, this is my first hybrid of a screencast and vlog entry, which I think worked out really well. Let me know what you think.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


9 Comments on “Clint on Tech: Episode 4, Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks”

  1. That was really useful. I’ve never thought of doing that before.

  2. Markus Sandy says:

    Great post Clint. Very useful material and a true use case.

  3. chris holmes says:

    For what it’s worth from a total layman in this field, I was v impressed and interested. I can’t remember if i read if you’re a teacher but a natural ability in that direction comes out in this ad-hoc wireless “tutorial”. Here are the points that impressed me most and made it such a clear vlog to follow: 1) Good camera angle on you and good mic volume (altho it varies, as U know) 2) Really good pacing and clarity of explanation 3) I have no idea how one does those graphics with the guiding cursor but, again, first-rate pacing makes it v easy for even someone like me to follow. 4) The “natural teacher” bit comes in yr timely “keep in mind” reminder. That’s my congratulatory 2¢.

  4. Vicki, Clint's mother-in-law says:

    As you know Clint, I have no comment on the technical aspects of your brilliance although it is clearly present. What your readers may not know is that you are as sweet as you are smart. I’m so glad that you and my daugter nabbed each other. And since the two of you were stuck in a hotel room alone together and the first thing on your minds was the internet connections, I’m guessing that the two of you are very settled indeed. Anyway, I love your vlogs!

  5. Luis Garcia says:

    Neat Stuff, and cool editing!

  6. Hi Vicki,
    Sounds like true love.

  7. richard says:

    this is really useful for future reference – I especially liked that you included directions for both apple and windows ….

  8. […] og more regularly. In this post on the MAKE Blog, he discovers exactly what I outlined in Clint on Tech, Episode 4. Check out the episode for […]

  9. Adam says:

    good stuff. i ran into a similar thing in an apartment, with a windows laptop and mac computer too but i could never get it.

    what we were actually trying to do was create a little “lan” if you will. .between the 2 computers to transfer some files, with no internet connection on either one. i thought that would be really easy so we set that up on the mac and i could see it on my windows machine, but i just couldnt get it to work and ended up using usb sticks.

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