Watch Life Happen: Episode 2, Part 1, NYC

This is the second installment of my new video diary, Watch Life Happen, with Clint & Mel. This is footage from our trip to New York. I had so much footage, I decided to split up the episode into 3 parts. This is the first installment.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


5 Comments on “Watch Life Happen: Episode 2, Part 1, NYC”

  1. From this person’s perspective, sitting at the end of the long tail, I enjoyed seeing that.

    My favorite shot was Josh and his broken umbrella.

  2. ryanne says:

    so funny to see us at these cafes from every perspective.
    it never gets old

  3. jwmcglone says:

    passing thru
    the long tail…is shorter than i thought.
    linked from wired magazine article and was surprised to find josh leo.
    i sat next to him last fall semester in film class at calvin college.
    right now i sit at my computer in metro detroit.
    will be back

  4. richard says:

    I used to feel bad that I wasn’t in on that conversation that took place before the apple talk, but I’ve seen a skizzillion versions, so I’m pretty sure I have it down … very interesting to know where you were right before we met … nice video

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