Watch Life Happen: Episode 1, Armwresting

You’ve been waiting for it! Here it is, the debut of our weekly video diary, Watch Life Happen, with Clint & Mel. In this episode, we armwrestle. Pretty much ‘nough said there.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]

15 Comments on “Watch Life Happen: Episode 1, Armwresting”

  1. O love everything about this video.

    My favorite line is Clint’s, “I have no memory because she knocked me out afterwards.”

  2. Josh Leo says:

    You guys have nice on-camera rapport…little does your audience know the way you two really act in real life! this was a really nice video…it makes me want to have a significant other in my videos….or at least a co-host sometimes…

  3. bre says:

    Ok, did I miss the armwrestling competition in NYC? Drat!


  4. Scott Walker says:

    As Tony the Tiger would say, “This video was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!”

  5. I bet you feel like a real man now Clint…

    haha, couldn’t help that comment 😉

  6. Matt says:

    Looks like Clint is cheating… he is starting “over the top” (my favorite Sly movie).

  7. David says:

    So, how many times did you have to shoot it until it looked convincing that Mel lost?

    And, hey, did you guys train your dog to do the dishes? Seriously, I thought that was what he/she was doing at the beginning.

    Very cool stuff.

  8. That was extremely entertaining… you guys should just do competitive things each time.

  9. Ha! I was wondering what was going on with the dog in the background. It’s the dishes.

    I stumbled upon this from Steve G’s new vlog universe blogroll. THat thing is cool. It’s just way to heavy to put in the sidebar. But it makes a great page all its own.



  10. schlomo says:

    Clint and Melanie taught me how to love again.

    It’s true!

  11. richard says:

    well, if Melanie was looking for someone to beat, she should have arm wrestled me at Vloggercue … very entertaining video … I enjoyed it

  12. Tom Kirkham says:

    Hey, not bad, but the dancing video from a few months back was funny too.

    What next, thumb wrestling, Indian leg wrestling, tuna fish sandwich wrestling, bathtowel wrestling, checkbook wrestling? – the list is endless.

  13. ryanne says:

    mel, kick his ass!
    c’mon hammer curls hammer curls get on that

  14. Doug Bradley says:

    I think Mel did let Clint win…

  15. Anonymous says:

    it looks like mel could have won that last match

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