Wired Article Hits the Front Page

Wired News has it’s first in-depth article, part of a three part series, up on its main page. I’m quoted. Katie, the author, really did an excellent job of fitting in as much as she could in the space she had. Other than neglecting some things, she seemed to get the feel of the article spot on. Something’s always left out, but it’s really nice when facts in the article are pretty much right. You never know until you see the article, but Wired got it right. Way to go Katie!


2 Comments on “Wired Article Hits the Front Page”

  1. bre says:

    You are Mr. Media! Congrats on the Wired article.

  2. Brian says:

    So if I come up with a less hideous term than “Vlog”, will you use it?

    Gotta have influential early adopters to make things stick, you know.

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