Wall Mossberg says Podcasting isn’t ready for everyone

Walt Mossberg says Podcasting is too hard. I agree. Videoblogging, strangely while double the amount of media being displayed, is about equally as hard to do well. I think the software is just more available for video, since people seem to do more video recording personally than audio recording.

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Car Wreck

I think Eric Rice jinxed me when he blogged about his wife’s car accident (everyone was ok, thankfully!), because today I did a dumbass thing and hit another car. I was in the middle lane, and I was passing the parking lot I wanted to pull into, and for whatever reason I decided I should just turn. I guess I was thinking like I was on a two-way street and the other lane was oncoming traffic, but anyways, it was just a stupid thing to do. I hit another car and now my wheels don’t turn together on my truck. My dad and the tow-truck guy said that it’s probably a busted tie-rod and that it shouldn’t cost me too much. I hope not. The damage to my truck was pretty minimal other than the wheels not turning right :). Unfortunately, as life would have it, I had no camera/camcorder with me. Damn. Oh well. Here’s hoping it doesn’t cost me $2000 to fix.