I’m pissed off

I’m totally pissed off. This is the second straight evening. I can’t talk about why I was pissed off last night, sorry, it’s not public knowledge, but tonight, I’m just pissed off about my inability to turn my Gnomedex video into something worthwhile. I can’t seem to represent anything in this video that is noteworthy of what the Gnomedex experience was to me, and with each passing day the video is losing relevance. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I’m thinking of just keeping the footage for my archives and calling it quits on this video. However, I have learned an important lesson. Don’t attend something where you’re attempting to create a video without being serious and dedicated to having a vision and filming to capture that vision throughout the entire event. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of random shit that you filmed and nothing will fit. This is exactly what I have. It fucking sucks ass! There, I feel better now.

3 Comments on “I’m pissed off”

  1. chris holmes says:

    Hey Clint – don’t beat up on yourself too much about the video. It’s not the easiest communication tool to master in the early days and one’s vision as one films it is invariably better exposed and tighter edited than the finished version. But hey! look how promptly and crisply you’ve communicated your own dissatisfaction with *yourself* – some folks trundle on repeating their first goofs and time a lot longer to reach the self-awareness you seem to have achieved in just one go. cheap lesson! in fact – DO beat up yourself. Get mad as hell at what you don’t like or wish you’d thought of or done better. Get so-o-o mad that it’ll be a physical *impossibility* to repeat some of those errors!! 😉 My betting is that you’ll sit down next time with pen and paper and script the event with the severe precision of a regimental sergeant major, or a parent standing over an errant child. That way you’ll anticipate stuff and steer a straight course, ie “watch the effing lighting, clint.” or achtung! joker at 2 o’clock, looks like a “lens licker”. or “I’m frigging well going to the get the lighting AND sound right on this guy: spare chair over there! Go for it, lad!” get my drift, pal? And i bet you’ll also feel instantly when the thread or theme is drifting, as in “Yes yes clint – lovely shot, tres artistique dude – but where the f*** is it going to fit in with what you’ve got so far? Time wastah!!”

    man, as i say – it seems like you’ve achieved selfawareness and level of artistic dissatisfaction that others don’t get to for a long time, or til the level of tactful coughing pals reaches thunder level. Keep this #1 effort for massive wince power when you compare it to your hugely improved and tighter next work.

    Oh and i thought the podcast #1 was fine – you got used to shaping the monolog, you spelled out your credo and what you intend to bring to the medium and where you see yrself in this burgeoning communications bonanza – and i found it very interesting.

    rock on, mate! Chris

  2. ross says:

    I have some clips that i shot that i have no use for. I was mainly trying out my new camera. I also have my clip of adam’s keynote.

    You want my clips ? I shot a few commentaries that I thought were interesting.

  3. Sean Bohan says:

    Clint – frustrated? come on… I know its frustrating to you, but you have a real record of the events at the best tech conference I have ever attended. I am living off the notes, trying to explain to friends and coworkers just _how_ different it was.

    So it doesnt make sense. now (I just saw this post on the gnomedexers rss feed, so its been a while since this went out). Maybe it will come together in a few weeks. See if any of the other vbloggers will share their tape. Hell, ask all of the vbloggers on the insiders list to put together a bittorrent of all the gnomdex tape and see what comes out of it.

    BTW – how was the apple store event last week – i couldnt make it

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