Gnomedex Wrap-up

I’m so far behind on my blogging and vlogging. I intended to post several things Monday night, then last night, and I’m finally getting to it tonight. I also need to seriously edit up some video from Gnomedex, but the tools I have here on the PC just aren’t going to cut it I don’t think. It’s more learning curve than anything else. OK, so here we go with the Gnomedex wrap-up.

Firstly, I didn’t sit through most of the sessions. The action’s in the hallway. I had a lot of interesting conversations. Lets give the highlights first.

Biggest Thrill: Meeting Steve Garfield and Eric Rice. Those guys are awesome, nothing else need be said.

Biggest Disappointment: Marc Canter. It’s probably my fault for not-reapproaching him, but I wanted to have a discussion with him about microformats and what I’m doing to evangelize them, but he seemed uninterested and sort of blew me off. It was Thursday night at the party, and like I said I never reapproached him, so it’s possible I just got a bad impression of him. He was the only notable person there who didn’t seem like he had enough time to talk to me though.

Biggest Regret: Not meeting Rick Segal. I love that guy’s blog. It’s incredibly insightful and it’s always making me think about how I do business and approach potential customers (even though I’m really not in the business of working with customers anymore, I may soon be).

I had a very interesting conversation with Steve Gillmor. That guy is all about attention, I think even to the point of ignoring what may be interim solutions to the problems that will eventually be solved by attention.xml. I started with a conversation about Mediafeedr and how I thought it would solve the problem he was speaking of in his Gillmor Gang episode from Singapore last week about finding interesting podcast content. He wants to solve it with attention data. Basically, the idea would be that the best content would filter through the top based on which people are clicking through and listening the longest to the podcasts. That’s fantastic, but it’s also assuming he’s going get that data from companies soon. I think it’s years off, he told me “Years are now months.” I don’t think a lot of the companies have that data to give, at least not in a format that can be output as attention.xml. It was a bit of an argument. He’s also not big on microformats as he thinks you’ll never be able to get content creators to support them. It’s not really the content creators you have to go after, it’s the software developers, and I think that’s it’s just as likely that people, once shown the benefits that microformats could bring, will be just as likely to support microformats as attention.xml. It was a fun discussion though, although a bit more of an argument than a discussion. Maybe he’ll remember me next time I talk to him :). I really liked him though, he’s an incredibly bright guy.

I talked with Phillip Torrone (pt) out in the hallway for a while. What an incredibly nice guy. He actually seemed to know who I am as well, which was totally awesome. He’s such a geek and I love it. His wife actually landed the Channel 9 job I was interviewing for. Way to go Beth! He lives up here and I’m totally going to try and get him on Clint on Tech for some video coverage of his gadgetry. Hey, Phillip, if you’re reading this, you willing to grant me an interview? 🙂

I talked briefly with Chris Pirillo, the Gnomedex organizer and A-list blogger and podcaster. What a cool guy. It was kinda funny, because he didn’t know who I was, and I was like “Hey Chris!” and he looked at me like he was supposed to know me. I let him off the hook pretty quick and we also had a good conversation (it’s on video :), although it’s not going to make the cut). He’s another local that I’d like to get on Clint on Tech. I’d love to do a hybrid cast with him while he’s doing the Chris Pirillo show. Get some b-roll footage of his gear and show a behind-the-podcast video while it’s going on. That’d be awesome. Hey, Chris, you reading this? How about granting me an interview? 🙂

I talked for a while also with Rick Klau of FeedBurner who is an incredibly smart guy and a pleasure to talk with. I’m talking to him about trying to get FeedBurner to implement some of MediaFeedr’s features. This would save a lot of coding for me and get someone stable to implement the features I want for the good of the new-media community. He changed my opinion totally about FeedBurner and their business model.

There were tons of other great conversations. I especially enjoyed meeting back up again and again with my videoblogging pals Steve, Eric, and Bre as well as the new friends I made that attended my Pre-Gnomedex lunch, Mike Buckbee, Dylan Greene, Gerry Caballero, and Gregory Narain. Those guys are great, and I hope to see them all again.

One Comment on “Gnomedex Wrap-up”

  1. Markus Sandy says:

    cool wrap up clint. sounds like marc’s loss to me. glad to hear about feedburner.

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