links for 2005-06-24

Gnomedex the First Day

First day at Gnomedex was awesome. I met up for lunch today with Bre Pettis, Todd Cochrane, Michael Buckbee, Dylan Greene and several other people whom I have cards for and remember first names but either don’t remember last or don’t remember the URLs (I’ll try to come back and complete the list tomorrow, sorry, but I really tired). Excellent lunch, great conversation. They all left to head to a Pre-Gnomedex Barbeque and Bre and I headed down to meetup with Steve Garfield. We then met up with Eric Rice at Pikes Place market. The great thing about meeting vloggers for the first time is the ability to step in just like you’ve known them forever. I talk to these people all the time on videoconferences, email lists, IM, and I watch their videos, so it’s really just like I’ve known them for a long time, but I only met Steve and Eric for the first time today. Awesome.

I had dinner with Eric Rice and some other podcasters (most of whom I didn’t know and I’ve regrettably already forgotten their names.) I did get to meet Doug Kaye, who I follow. I proceeded from there to the registration/party thing. Talked briefly with notables such as Chris Pirillo, Marc Canter, J.D. Lassica, and others. Lots of interesting conversations, too many to count. I wish I could provide some links to some more names of people I talked to, but I’m just too tired. Took a half hour of video or so today, but I don’t have time to edit it up. You should see something from Steve and Eric hopefully though.