Pre-Gnomedex Meetup Tomorrow!

Gnomedexers and Seattlites:

A couple of us will be gathering for lunch and walking around downtown Seattle prior to Gnomedex tomorrow. We’ll meet up probably around noon, grab some lunch and see some sites. We even have a couple of locals who know a place or two to go! If you’re interested, send me an email or call my cell. Also, if you’re interested, add to your Dodgeball friends so we can let you know where we’re going to be.

We’ll be at Pike’s Place Brewery starting around Noon to 1. We’ll have lunch and maybe a beer or two and then decide where to go from there (depending on the weather). If you’re coming late, we’ll be somewhere in Downtown, so give me a call to see where everyone’s at. See you there!

One Comment on “Pre-Gnomedex Meetup Tomorrow!”

  1. David Robertson says:

    I just got in town, and I hope to be able to join you for lunch and some sites. Can you give me a link to Pike’s Place Brewery? (I’m staying at the Edgewater.) Thanks for organizing.


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