Lampooned by the NY Times!

Lampooned by the NY TImes!

Originally uploaded by Coccyx.

David Pogue features one of my videos in his recent, not so positive, review of the Akimbo. Obviously, he thinks my video is cheesy, but I got a good laugh out of it. He didn’t exactly pick my best work, but I think that was the point. Watch his video. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, though!


One Comment on “Lampooned by the NY Times!”

  1. chris says:

    hey cliff – that is quite some accolade to be noticed. bravo! I didn’t think it was that cheesy; anyway, it’s my mind of cheesy.

    The world of blogging is now entering what historians will record as its ‘Overweening Pride’ stage, complete with its own lords of the universe pronouncing on this and that.

    These types are elevated by various means: assorted kingmakers, public opinion, healthily dosed self-preeners.

    The rarified atmosphere on these heightened slopes is currently not allowing much self-awareness or overmuch lightness.

    Just think of it as fine publicity and of Pogue providing a signpost to yr blog whose pointer folks will follow sans giving much weight to the lettering.


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