Clint on Tech: Episode 2, MediaFeedr

This week we’re going into my pet project, MediaFeedr. MediaFeedr is a service I’m going to be launching that takes an RSS feed in, scrapes the pages the links in the feed refers to and outputs RSS2 with Enclosures and Media RSS with the media it finds on the linked pages. This will go a long way to helping us all be filters for other people, since people will easily be able to link to the permalink of a blog entry and get a feed they can use in FireANT or their favorite podcatcher. This is an extension of my ideas on helping vloggers and podcasters build the web that were published as an instructional article on called “Annotated Bookmarks”. Watch the show, and let me know what you think (hopefully by following the instructions at the “Annotated Bookmarks” article 🙂 ). Also, look for the premier of Watch Life Happen, with Clint & Mel next week!

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


3 Comments on “Clint on Tech: Episode 2, MediaFeedr”

  1. schlomo says:

    Thanks Clint, that was really helpful. So much goes on on the list that sometimes these things pass me by..

    I’m going to try to play around with this in the next couple days..cause good ideas must be tried out!

  2. I like these info videos. It’s a lot easier to digest the info when you vlog it than it is to get it out of the list.

  3. adam says:

    Yoda. I was about to type Yo dude, but that came out, so there.
    Anyway, what’s up with this mediafeedr thang?
    I want to subscribe to the generic “watchthis” tag.
    That sucker is growing up!

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