Eric Rice mixes his media

Looks like Eric’s having the same problems I am. I posted about this to the videoblog list a while back. How should I present my content to my users? Should my videos go one place and my blog another? How do my users, which are blog readers and videoblog watchers, get my content? They’re two different audiences aren’t they?

In the end, I’ve decided to leave it all up here at Eric looks like he’s going to be using his blog as a pointer to where he exists other places. That’s a pretty good idea, and I might end up doing the same. I’m setting up a wiki on my site as well as a place to put my well-formed ideas and a place where people can edit those, refine them, and make suggestions. Blogs are just poor content management systems for anything than what they were originally intended to be, which was a log of what you found on the web.

So, in the end, mix your media I think. Throw it all together, mash it up, let the consumers sort it out. If it’s too messy, we’ll clean it up later. Your subscribers are coming to see about you, and if I’m interested in reading what someone has to say I’m also interested in watching what they vlog and listening to what they podcast. That’s the beauty of the blogopodovlogopshere. It’s about individuals and authenticity. Way to go Eric! Best of luck.

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