Feedburner – Playing Nice

Rick Segal over at his blog Post Money Value The writes about FeedBurner’s new efforts to allow you migrate off FeedBurner. Cool! I was just talking to Markus Sandy about my objections to FeedBurner. This answers a lot of my concerns about their service. Maybe I’ll start throwing my stuff over to FeedBurner now through a 301 redirect.


2 Comments on “Feedburner – Playing Nice”

  1. Markus Sandy says:

    Great news! Now I don’t have to set up that redirector we spoke of. 🙂

    Thanks for chatting with me on this. Your comments about feedburner help us all try to create better services.

    To me, the most insightful commet you made was regarding the differentiaion of free and paid services: it is not simply a matter of offering feature A for free and adding feature B for an additional charge. There still has to be a perceiveable difference in cost or effort on the part of the vendor. It is not enough to be a “gatekeeper” anymore. Vendors have to justify premiums services with somehting besides just offering “more”.

    Modern technologies are great but some things do remain the same: if you want $ from your customers, you have to earn it.

    I hardly ever go to major movies or sporting events any more. Generally, it is just not worth the experience. One of the main things that has always ticked me off was paying high prices for common items like soft drinks and candy. “That’s how we make our money!” Wrong. That’s how they lost biz!

    They would have been better off making their money by keeping a clean theater and a good sound system. That would have got them my money anyway.

    “Because we can” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  2. Markus Sandy says:

    p.s. – thanks for the link and note that your comment header says “No Responses to …” when there is one comment. If it goes away after this post, I think it’s a “>” where a “>=” should be. If it still says it, I think the whole “if” is missing. =)

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