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John Hart’s project has been halted due to his funding being pulled. This is a direct result of the Yahoo Videoblogging Group’s efforts to get him to stop using the term “Blogumentary, after Chuck Olsen asked him for help. My favorite quote from his rant (which is amusingly worded):

In the first week of June 2005, the mighty Chuck Olsen, who operates this blog, emailed me, John Hart, not claiming ownership of the word “blogumentary,” mind you, not claiming infringement, not asking for a cease and desist of the word, but in fact, only claiming “concern” and further saying that it would cause “confusion” in the blogosphere, since he already had a 3-year old DVD product employing that name.

How dare he be nice and not threaten a lawsuit in his first email like John Hart did in his. Maybe this is the way the film world works, I’m not sure, but it seems to me like threatening the use of lawyers in your first or second correspondence with someone isn’t a civil way to resolve something. Also, the guy threatened to post Michael Verdi’s personal credit history on the Internet simply for leaving a comment on the guy’s blog about it. Lawsuits and lawyers should be a last resort. If the guy hadn’t been such an asshole he probably would still be making his movie now. The Blogosphere doesn’t take well to threatening tactics, and some of the bloggers he was going to interview, most of whom hadn’t even been contacted by him, pulled out of the movie nearly instantly when they were informed of his scare tactics.

Now, on the other side, if I was his investors, and he was creating controversy, I would have funded the movie anyways. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Unfortunately, I just don’t see how he would have been able to get a large number of bloggers to be interviewed with his attitude, which is what ultimately, I think, what killed the project. It’s an interesting read, none-the-less. Way to go Chuck!

59Bloggers — The Movie

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