Fight over Blogumentary

Apparantly, John Hart, the guy behind a new documentary in the works called 59 bloggers, is threatening Chuck Olsen from Blogumentary. Eric Rice has the full story, but basically it sounds like this guy is being a real shithead. I definitely agree with Eric, lets get ahold of the guys this guy is going to interview and let them know what’s going on.


One Comment on “Fight over Blogumentary”

  1. Doug Bradley says:

    I saw Chuck’s posting on this and decided to email Mr Hart myself. I was certainly civil in my email to him but the reply I received back was anything but. In my opinion this guy is a card carrying jerk the type person that as soon as things don’t go his way the first word out of his mouth is “sue”. I think the people in the blogging and video blogging community can bring him and his little project down. We have the power.

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