Exciting stuff happening here at ClintSharp.com. I can finally announce to you that Akimbo will be syndicating my videoblog content. This is incredibly exciting! It’s been a pleasure working with the people there. I’m expecting a demo unit sometime in the near future, so I’ll let you know what I think about the service. Rocketboom, Steve Garfield, and Shai Coggins of Freshwave.TV were also picked up in the first round. Look for them to expand their videoblog content greatly in the next few months. Videoblogs on TV, check! What’s next?

Going to Gnomedex

Alright, so I coughed up the money. Personal money. I need an employer that’ll pay for this shit. Anyone hiring? 🙂 Can’t wait to see Eric Rice, Steve Garfield, and Sean Gilligan there, among others. It should be a blast. I’m also fortunate enough to not need to travel. If anyone needs transportation while you’re here, let me know.