Promo (or Because Every *Videoblog* needs a 35 second video)

Six hours or so for 35 seconds of video. It was well worth it I think. I’m pretty proud of this. Let me know what you think and tell me if I should be or if it’s total crap (I’ll accept either answer, or anything in between). I’m hoping to use this when it comes time to promo Eric Rice was my inspiration for this clip. His 38 second promo video for his podcast rocks.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


10 Comments on “Promo (or Because Every *Videoblog* needs a 35 second video)”

  1. Dooser says:

    Freaking A. I liked it.

  2. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  3. Josh Leo says:

    Well done clint….I have been thinking about making a promo for vlogdir…I just might actually do it now

  4. sull says:

    awesome… and your right… and thats part of why i did vlogdir… so people can put up promo vid clips…
    please add yours… and i look forward to seeing josh’s 😉

    shit, i still didnt add mine :/

  5. 2 Thumbs Up! I’m jealous

    I’m stuck with Windows Movie Maker – thumbs down.

  6. Jan says:

    ‘Geek as rock star’ is the impression I get. Oh yeah.

  7. Shai Coggins says:

    Yay! Terrific idea! Really cool! B)

  8. stevefoto says:

    nice video whos the cat?

  9. Clint Sharp says:

    Two cats. One is black & white, that’s Dinah, the other is various shades of brown, that’s Abby.

  10. Really awesome, the editting was done really well, it shows what it’s all about

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