Vlog on Blogs

It had to happen. I’ve been harping on about this for a couple of days on the list, and I figured it was time to do a Vlog entry about it. Use media how it works best, and lets make sure the tools fit that. Sorry it’s so choppy, I apparantly say “you know” a whole fucking bunch, so I relentlessly cut that phrase out.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]

10 Comments on “Vlog on Blogs”

  1. Hi Clint,
    Not sure what you were saying about not being able to find my video blog post about meeting a fan at the Apple store.

    Here’s the post:

    In it I have a text description.

    Google will find that.

    I’ve tried to add transcripts of my video blog posts too, so they’ll be easier to find on Google.

    I understand what you are saying though, about hte majority of videoblogs. You’ve got to watch them to see what they are all about.

    I just posted a message over on Adam Curry’s blog today that asked him to try to do some text blogging like he used to since the only way I found out htat he talked to Steve Jobs about podcasts in itunes was from someone elses blog!

    It’s here:

    Maybe I should to a podcast or vlog about this?

    I love irony.

  2. Clint Sharp says:

    Yeah, I had a more detailed example in my head, but it was late and I didn’t really want to refilm. It was just an example because that was the last video I watched. It’ll catch the text description but it won’t catch that the guy wanted to say hello to Amanda at Rocketboom, etc. How are you doing the transcripts, out of curiousity?

  3. Doug Bradley says:

    I agree, I’ve posted a few “Photo of the week” post but I don’t think people actually read the post that goes along with the photos. I try to convey some type of message with them. I never did get into reading text blogs, I have A.D.D. and it is hard enough for me to read anything much more than a few paragraphs at a time without my intrest wandering off. When I found videoblogging I was attracted to it immediately because my brain is so visually oriented.

  4. Mark says:

    Actually you can search podscope for a video blog, you can even find this blog if you search for “video” and sort by date

  5. renegade says:

    I see what you mean. That’s why I also like keywords and meta-tags. Mixin’ it up is fun.

  6. Brad says:

    Sorry you didn’t get the job. I am one of the people that only see your blog in ANT. I have heard tell that fire ant on windows will show you text postings too. I am sure fire ant will one day support this. . ipodderX 3.0 might do this…

  7. Welcome to the vidoblogovogologosphere Clint. Two things

    a) put a transript or at least as much info as possible in your post

    b) Use feedburner, and right there in the feed settings next to the option to include enclosures is a new option for mediaRSS. DO IT.

    Now your videos will damn near instantly show up on Yahoo’s Video search. It’s just getting started so have patience with the other search engines. Oh, and mix your media. 🙂

    -Mike of mmeiser.com/blog

  8. […] not tv,Mediatuner, Mefeedia, Vidblogs.com, Medicine fims. – Clint Sharp è lieto di dirci“Vluoug on bluougs!” mostrando (peto compreso) cosa non si può fare con un […]

  9. jay dedman says:

    very true. text is great. ive been doing a lot of text posts lately.
    that’s how my thoughts are working these days.

    but i think that videoblogs will bring new people to the blogging world becasue there are people who think in video.
    they cant clearly explain in text how they feel or what happened.
    But they can record it on video.
    We live in a visual world that is now controlled by a powerful centralized media. These images falsely build the world in our minds.
    Its time to take that back.
    We’re doing that here.
    Text alone would not suffice.
    (like the new look of the site. youre a real power)

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