In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed a few things around here. For one, I’m no longer, I’m! I spent a long time thinking about things over the last week, after David at Mediatuner brought it up to me, that I really should be branding my online presence under my name, instead of which means nothing. I considered it, forgot about it, considered again for about an hour, decided he was right, and here we are at All the links to will still work, both the sites are the same. I spent far more time redoing the theme for the site. It’s a modified Kubrick (default WordPress) theme. I already got one email saying they liked it and wanted to know where they could get it. I guess I should publish it somewhere.

I hope you enjoy it here. Vlog entry containing my deliberation process will probably be up tonight.

Secondly, I’m going to start posting entries to the blog for my readers that aren’t into video in the Watch This category, pointing them to interesting Vlogs I watch. I figure these people should probably be getting some link love from me, and I’m on a quest to encourage videobloggers to not forget about old-fashioned text blogging.

Thirdly, I know the site is gawd-awefully fucking slow right now. Sorry. I’m working with my provider, Redwood Virtual to make it suck less. I’m sure they’ll come back and just tell me I’m swapping again, because they give me no credit for administering UNIX boxes for the last 10 years. They assume, like all tech support people, that I’m a fucking moron and pass me off with nary a bit of help. I’m going to try upgrading to the next highest class of VM before I go looking for someone else. I may move the site over to DreamHost or something else and leave the email and stuff here. I sent them an email two hours ago and still haven’t seen a response though, so things aren’t looking too good for them. Something tells me they don’t get Web 2.0 and immediate customer feedback. Of course, I did go with the cheapest hosting provider available…


3 Comments on “Rebranding”


    Great way to go!

  2. Luis Garcia says:

    Clint checkout the hosting company, I’ve had them for over 3 years now for all my domains (5+) and one’s Ive created outside, hardly no downtime in all that time,I think only a handfull of times. the best feature is the online help which I can click and talk to someone in less that 2-3 minutes, never had any problems with them. I currently have a reseller account which I pay aprox $24 a month and host as many domains underneath it as separate domains. Also I have 5 gb space to break out as I want and plenty of Bandwitdh per month…

  3. Kannan Goundan says:

    Redwood Virtual is really slow. I was hooked in by their really low prices and got stuck with what I paid for, I guess.

    From what I can tell, memory and CPU don’t seem to be the bottleneck; it’s disk I/O that’s the problem. I think they just pack more VPSes on one physical machine than their disk setup can handle. Also, I’ve heard that I/O on User Mode Linux sucks in general.

    I might take a look at when my Redwood Virtual term expires. They use Xen, which has better performance than UML.

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