Google Fusion/My Google

OK, so everyone’s writing about it. Google has launched a new homepage/portal project, akin to My Yahoo.

Google isn’t a content company. This is pretty obvious by taking a look at their homepage. Obviously, it’s in the early stages, but let’s all be honest with ourselves. Why does everyone love Google so much? Sure, they do search well, and they’re developing cool web-based applications, but a personalized homepage is a content-based exercise. Yahoo is the leader here, and I think Google has quite a ways to go before they catch up.

I think the more interesting piece in this announcement has to do with the melding of labels for Internet companies. A year ago, Google was a search company, Yahoo was a content company and Microsoft was a software company. Now all three are becoming Internet companies, with the lines between the three genres blurred beyond distinction. This is the beauty of the free market at work, and we as consumers can just sit back and watch as our lives are improved by these three companies throwing all their efforts at beating each other out for our attention. Whichever company you find yourself backing, you’re still a winner.

But for now, there’s not much to see here. If you want a personalized home page, use My Yahoo and wait until Google improves.


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