Vlog on Blogs

It had to happen. I’ve been harping on about this for a couple of days on the list, and I figured it was time to do a Vlog entry about it. Use media how it works best, and lets make sure the tools fit that. Sorry it’s so choppy, I apparantly say “you know” a whole fucking bunch, so I relentlessly cut that phrase out.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


I found out about this site from Steve Garfield’s post on Off On A Tangent. These guys are really trying to be hip and cool, but honestly it’s pretty retarded. I’m not on their list (wouldn’t expect to be), but just because you create a list doesn’t mean anyone will care. I’ll go on record as saying they’ll be largely ignored, but of course, I could be wrong.


iTunes to support Podcasting?

I’m not much into podcasting, but this could still be pretty cool.

www.podcatch.com : Podcast subscribing built into iTunes?


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed a few things around here. For one, I’m no longer Typhoon.org, I’m ClintSharp.com! I spent a long time thinking about things over the last week, after David at Mediatuner brought it up to me, that I really should be branding my online presence under my name, instead of Typhoon.org which means nothing. I considered it, forgot about it, considered again for about an hour, decided he was right, and here we are at ClintSharp.com. All the links to typhoon.org will still work, both the sites are the same. I spent far more time redoing the theme for the site. It’s a modified Kubrick (default WordPress) theme. I already got one email saying they liked it and wanted to know where they could get it. I guess I should publish it somewhere.

I hope you enjoy it here. Vlog entry containing my deliberation process will probably be up tonight.

Secondly, I’m going to start posting entries to the blog for my readers that aren’t into video in the Watch This category, pointing them to interesting Vlogs I watch. I figure these people should probably be getting some link love from me, and I’m on a quest to encourage videobloggers to not forget about old-fashioned text blogging.

Thirdly, I know the site is gawd-awefully fucking slow right now. Sorry. I’m working with my provider, Redwood Virtual to make it suck less. I’m sure they’ll come back and just tell me I’m swapping again, because they give me no credit for administering UNIX boxes for the last 10 years. They assume, like all tech support people, that I’m a fucking moron and pass me off with nary a bit of help. I’m going to try upgrading to the next highest class of VM before I go looking for someone else. I may move the site over to DreamHost or something else and leave the email and stuff here. I sent them an email two hours ago and still haven’t seen a response though, so things aren’t looking too good for them. Something tells me they don’t get Web 2.0 and immediate customer feedback. Of course, I did go with the cheapest hosting provider available…

Google Fusion/My Google

OK, so everyone’s writing about it. Google has launched a new homepage/portal project, akin to My Yahoo.

Google isn’t a content company. This is pretty obvious by taking a look at their homepage. Obviously, it’s in the early stages, but let’s all be honest with ourselves. Why does everyone love Google so much? Sure, they do search well, and they’re developing cool web-based applications, but a personalized homepage is a content-based exercise. Yahoo is the leader here, and I think Google has quite a ways to go before they catch up.

I think the more interesting piece in this announcement has to do with the melding of labels for Internet companies. A year ago, Google was a search company, Yahoo was a content company and Microsoft was a software company. Now all three are becoming Internet companies, with the lines between the three genres blurred beyond distinction. This is the beauty of the free market at work, and we as consumers can just sit back and watch as our lives are improved by these three companies throwing all their efforts at beating each other out for our attention. Whichever company you find yourself backing, you’re still a winner.

But for now, there’s not much to see here. If you want a personalized home page, use My Yahoo and wait until Google improves.

Bloglines, great for aggregating, terrible for search

So, I use Bloglines to do all my text-based feed reading (for video, I use FireANT). However, I’ve tried left and right to find my feed in their directory, and I’ve been unsuccessful. Can anyone else find me? I’ve tried searching for “Clint Sharp”, clint sharp (no quotes), Typhoon.org, etc. Typhoon.org I’ve decommissioned just recently, so it should still be there. I don’t know, I’ve never been able to find anything in their search. So far, it’s returned nothing relevant. For relevance, I go to PubSub and Technorati, how about you?