Registering A Complaint

OK, so this is just your standard rant vlog. Why does nothing stay open late?

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]


5 Comments on “Registering A Complaint”

  1. I, too, have fond memories of the hoppin’ late night lifestyle in Fort Smith, AR. I recall being in Double Clicks WiFi Cafe IM’ing Ryanne Hodson at nearly midnight local time.

    New York City is the place you oughta be…

  2. or, to buy books late at night you could move to the East (San Francisco) Bay, for De Lauer’s Super Newsstand in Oakland. (24×7 with a good selection! No website but info is on this page.)

  3. jay dedman says:

    when i grew up in TX, it creeped me out at night when the world went dead by 9pm.
    i would roam the streets at night, feeling like an alien.

    why do you think i live in NYC.
    ryna and i just found a 24 hour seafod store in the neighborhood.
    so i can go buy 3 pounds of mussels at 4am, 7 days a week.
    what to come over some time?

  4. This was a good rant. Try living in Abbotsford, where everything shuts down at 6pm instead of 9pm 😐

  5. Brad says:

    When I started dating my now wife, she was from philadelphia. It amazed me that things there weren’t open 24 hours. In little state college, middle of nowhere, things were open 24 hours. But I guess that is because it is a college town….

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