Cleaning the Freezer

While we were rearranging the living room, I went looking for lunch. As usual, in our kitchen, there is no lunch-like food available. While doing this, I decided to clean out the freezer. As always, cleaning out something that hasn’t been cleaned for some time makes for good film.

Or click here to download it.


6 Comments on “Cleaning the Freezer”

  1. Doug Bradley says:

    Once again you guys crack me up!!

  2. jay dedman says:

    you guys got a lot of freezer food for people who dont eat it.
    i keep body parts ion my freezer.
    did i just say that out loud?

  3. Hey Carol,
    Time to clean out the freezer.

    Hang on a sec while I grab the video camera!

  4. Dooser says:

    Hi doggie!

    That was quite entertaining.

  5. Gumption says:

    Don’t worry, I have deer meat in the freezer from 2002. I never knew how to prepare it so it is still just sitting there. Now that I am sitting here writing this, I think I will throw it out tonight. Time to let go!

  6. Verdi says:

    Man, you’re tall! You’re head is totally over the top of the fridge. I can’t even see the top of my fridge.

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