MPAA continuing its assault on the Broadcast Flag

The MPAA has, predictably, drawn up draft legislation to hand to some patsy Congressman or Senator. Basically, this legislation would extend the FCC’s power to regulate something like the Broadcast Flag. The legislation would allow the FCC to “have authority to adopt regulations governing digital television apparatus necessary to control the indiscriminate redistribution of digital television broadcast content over digital networks.” Prevailing theory, at least from the article, is that everyone is in a holding pattern, waiting for the outcome of the Grokster case, and we will see legislative activity beginning in earnest, depending upon who loses the case. I still don’t see any representative, other than Fritz Hollings, willing to introduce this legislation. It’s one thing to get un-elected representatives to do your bidding, but Americans really don’t want the people they’re voting for fucking with their TV and their right to record off of it.

Quickie Google Search Lays Out “Brothels”

So apparantly if you go to Google Maps and search for “brothel” and a zip code, you can find some really interesting results. For instance, looking for brothels in Redmond’s zip code (98052), returned no results here, but apparantly there’s quite a few in Seattle, like Varsity Theatre, Big Picture, the Triangle pub, and of course, the Swedish American and French American Chambers of Commerce. Yahoo has the story (of course) : Quickie Google Search Lays Out “Brothels” – Yahoo! News