Interview Day at Microsoft, in Text

(This was originally intended to go up yesterday, but it’s amazing how fast 2 AM comes…)

So, yesterday was my interview at Microsoft. I have nothing but good things to say about their process over there. They do some innovative things with their interviews that I haven’t seen other places I’ve interviewed recently (I’m not the first to comment on this):

* Constant feedback during the day. Every person on your loop knows things that people may have forgotten to ask you, etc.
* Your schedule may change during the day, with people added and subtracted.
* More than the specific position you’re interviewing for, they’re evaluating you for a fit for Microsoft. I suppose you probably have to be a company that’s got a lot of open positions to hire this way, but they seem to really want to place people who may not even be a fit for the position they were originally brought in for.

So, overally I was very pleased with the process. I got to interview with everyone I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, and they all had interesting things to say and interesting questions to ask. I don’t have much advice for people, as most people interviewing there are interviewing for programming jobs, and it’s hard to give advice until you’ve gotten feedback on how you’ve done. I’ll be sure to blog something whenever I’ve gotten some word back from them, but overall I ended the day appreciative of the opportunity to interview and hopeful for an opportunity to do something more. Overall, I’d have to say it was a great day.

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