Interview Day at Microsoft, in Video

So today, I interviewed at Microsoft. It was a lot of fun, met some really interesting people. Don’t know the results yet, but I look forward to hearing back from them. Here’s a vlog entry I did while walking around there and driving back and forth. A text blog entry will follow with some more details.

Or click here to download it.


5 Comments on “Interview Day at Microsoft, in Video”

  1. Doug Bradley says:

    Good luck I hope you get the job. Ummm what is the job anyway?

  2. Clint Sharp says:

    Technical evangelist on the Channel 9 team. Check it out. Also read some of my past blog entries, they cover the job posting as well.

  3. Jim says:


    What software do you use to capture your video? I tried using Nero Express 3 to capture video using Nero digital Mpeg-4 and it keeps messing up. The video is fine but the audio is coming out slow.

  4. Clint Sharp says:

    Right now, I’m using iMovie on the mac. I’ve used Windows Media Maker a bit on the PC as well, after having exported the DV video from the mac and copied it over (PC doesn’t have firewire). What kind of camera are you using? I think that’s more important than the software to solving your problem. Is it a camcorder or a digital camera that does video?

  5. Stu says:

    Keepin fingers crossed 4u, thanks for the video, I always wondered what the place looked like! Looking forward to hearing the ‘results’

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