Stand Up Awesome!

OK, so there’s absolutely no theme to this blog. I find that having a theme causes problems, because then when I want to write about something that’s not in the theme I don’t have a place for it. Maybe I need to create a seperate blog for my personal shit and turn this into a technology blog/vlog, I dunno. Decisions to make. Anyways, on to the point of the article.

I’ve been listening to Stand Up over on the VH1 Site for the last 5 days or so. I’m incredibly impressed. If you’re a Dave Matthews Band fan (DMB from here on out), you know they are generally not very inventive with their albums, instead deciding to rely on their live performances to make the real statement for their songs. However, I think this is the first album I’ve felt like they’re a real band. If you listen to other bands, they’ll have a piano balad where there’ll be absolutely no guitar in the song. DMB have yet to this, until this album. This obviously isn’t the only defining characteristic of a band, but it’s just an example of what DMB have been missing from their catalog.

I’m not really into writing album reviews, so I’ll spare you the details of going over every single song. I find that to be boring anyways.

It’ll be interesting to see how this stuff plays out live, but I can’t wait till the Gorge this year. Anyone else going? Leave a comment if you are. I’ll of course write more about the Gorge shows when they get closer, and I’ll vlog about it when I get back.

I’m going to be doing more blog postings, because since I’ve been limiting myself to mainly videos I’ve been feeling very creatively restricted. Video is a lot of work, and I still plan to do a couple per week probably, but I’d like to be able to continue to express myself more. A blog entry takes minutes, not hours, so expect to hear more from me.

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