They called back

Wow, am I shocked. I sent an email to Jeff Sandquist in response to his blog post about an open Channel 9 position. In case you don’t know what Channel 9 is, it’s a website at Microsoft developed and designed to increase community interaction between Microsoft and it’s Indepedent Software Vendors (ISVs) and customers. It’s been pretty effective. Due to their blogs site and Channel 9’s efforts, it’s become very easy to interact with Microsoft. You can probably find a developer on just about every major project with a blog, and you can read their posts and post comments to them. Channel 9 does interviews with major and minor players inside Microsoft and allows them to tell their story. Today’s video about the Linux team inside Microsoft was especially interesting to me. Know your competition.

So anyways, I sent an email to Jeff Sandquist with my resume, and they called me back in for an interview. I’m shocked and honored to get to go in and talk to them. It would an honor to work with Jeff and Robert Scoble (or he who PubSubs. Hello Robert! 🙂 ). I’ve watched their video that contains all the Channel 9 team members (minus Lenn Pryor, who just made waves by leaving Microsoft for Skype), but unfortunately I can’t remember any of their names right now. I’ll probably know them after the interview. The position is a technical evangelist position, which is possibly one of the coolest jobs possible. See my earlier post on the job posting. I’m really excited for the interview opportunity. Here’s hoping I do well :). Wish me luck. I’ll probably vlog about this in the next few days as well, but right now I’m busy coding my vlog finder web spider thingie. Something to show on that and probably a new vlog entry by Thursday or so.