Computers Are Stupid

Computers aren’t very bright. They require meticulous instructions for them to do something that someone else, another programmer, hasn’t already told them how to do yet. Watch and see.

Or click here to download it.

5 Comments on “Computers Are Stupid”

  1. Josh says:

    Very cool indeed! But…. just cuz you find a link to a feedburner feed from any HTML page pointed to by Technorati, it doesn’t really make that a vlog…
    I guess then your spider goes to that page and looks for video links or enclosures in the feedburner feed. But what if the user doesn’t have a feedburner feed, but uses something else to create their feeds. For instance, I generate my own feeds using MovableType, and you’re using WordPress here… how does that affect things?

  2. sull says:

    right on, Clint.

    so, to follow josh’s comment, and not knowing exactly what your scraper/spider is doing exactly…. it makes me think that all vloggers should add a metatag in their blog header that informs THIS IS A VLOG.
    if something universal is adopted and promoted out to the vlog world, then this task can be more streamlined. Just like feedburner looks for embedded media and enclosures and technorati looks for tags. in fact maybe a technorati tag is all that is needed…

    on a related side note, i am launching vlogdir, which as long as people add their vlogs to it, hopes to be somewhat comprehensive directory of vlogs.

    cool vid. thnx


  3. ryanne says:

    i wish i knew more about frigging meta data
    so i could put that stuff in my blog.
    so people could find it.
    is the name of shannon noble’s vlog.
    so did you find that one???

  4. jay dedman says:

    so lets get it into people’s hands….see what we can do with it…

  5. Josh Leo says:

    i am impressed man, I also wish I knew more about the technical side of the web!

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