Stolen Underwear

Watch out for those baggage screeners!

Or click here to download it.


5 Comments on “Stolen Underwear”

  1. Doug Bradley says:

    Oh man the way this movie ends is funny as hell. Damn I can’t stop laughing as I type this….

  2. jay dedman says:

    this is like a public service announcement.

  3. I love watching your videos with Mel. It reminds me so much of the good times me and my ex had together. We had an offfice that (from what I’ve seen) looked almost exactly like yours. Our desks were even in the same place in relation to each others and the door as yours are. We used to sit on our computers facing opposite directions like you guys do and argue the same. I also had to teach her to use the computer. You teaching her how to videoblog is very similar to the experiences I had teaching her to play MMORPGs or use IRC. Except Christine was bitter whereas Mel seems good natured.

    Just thought it was kind of funny because I can totally relate to your discussions and the whole setup you guys have there.

  4. ryanne says:

    my sister just flew in from arizona
    and she noticed that this big bag of change was stolen from her bag.
    so lame.
    what is the deal?

  5. Clint Sharp says:

    But panties, I mean come on. I thought that people only sniffed panties in “movies.” I’ve never really got much out of it.

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