Microsoft hiring a professional videoblogger?

Jeff Sandquist posted on his blog two days ago a position for a technology evangelist on the Channel 9 team. How cool would that be!? Basically, they’re looking to hire another Robert Scoble. The job description:

Technical Evangelist
The first job is an online technical evangelist to join the Channel 9 team. In the past year the site has grown in both traffic and content. As a result we are looking for another unique individual who has both the passion, the knowledge, and the skills to help us tell the Microsoft story online using video.

We are looking for a rare bird for a new kind of evangelism role at Microsoft. The ideal candidate will be well versed in the current wave of Microsoft developer technologies, industry trends, and competition. Experience in software development is preferred but not required. Strong digital video filming, editing, and compression skills are required as the team shoots, edits, and produces its own video on site.

You would be a member of a small team responsible for the care and feeding of this unique community. An active passion for connecting with customers and sharing your passion for Microsoft products is required. Strong written, verbal, and visual communication skills are required. Roles and responsibilities change quickly so flexibility and fast decision making abilities are a must. Experience with blogging, wikis, and social software technologies a plus.

What would be exciting about that job would be the ability to not only evangelize what Microsoft does well to the outside world, because they do do a lot of things well, but also evangelize what they’re not doing well back inside the company. I can’t think of a better job than one which gives you the ability to effect change, and the ability to effect change in a company like Microsoft is definitely about the top in my list of cool jobs. I’ve applied.

One Comment on “Microsoft hiring a professional videoblogger?”

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