So here’s another one. This is Mel and I driving home from the Grocery store last night. I spent about 5 hours editing this up. All the vocals and other noises etc are me attempting to do a re-mix kinda thing over the trance. iMovie has some bugs with the Fast/Slow/Reverse effect that will cause it to generate a fraction of a second long of extraneous audio. This is really annoying, and I couldn’t fix it, and since I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the video effect it’s still in there. Sorry. However, I think this is a good take on what has become a standard vlogger driving video. Let me know what you think, I’m a comment whore! 🙂

Or click here to download it.


4 Comments on “Driving”

  1. Wow, there was nothing really special about the video but I had fun watching it because of that catchy tune 🙂

  2. jay dedman says:

    if youre trying to do audio layering..you got to use Final Cut.
    iMovie is a bitch when it comest o audio.
    its more a cut and paste program…which i love.
    you got talent kid.

  3. Doug Bradley says:

    So uh, what ya get at the store?

  4. Clint Sharp says:

    I have footage of that too that I still need to edit up. If I remember right, I think we bought cat food, some soup, other miscellaneous items. I would just throw away all that footage, but since the wife absconded with the camera to Arkansas this week, I’m left with my un-edited stuff from last week :(.

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