My Thoughts on Religion

So, here’s another videoblog post. This one’s a couple of thoughts about Christianity and religion. If you’re not interested in my views, or if this is somehow going to upset you, please don’t watch. Now, to be fair, I don’t say anything I think anyone would find offensive, but some people are not very open to people who don’t believe the way that they believe. However, I think it’s a good piece. I cut down over 10 minutes of video to 3, so it’s sort of a best of my coherent thoughts.

Or click here to download it.


4 Comments on “My Thoughts on Religion”

  1. Chris Koehn says:

    Usually these subjects are not talked about because it causes people to lose it.

    In general, I believe people who post these sort of things are doing it for some self-serving purpose. I don’t think anyone who actually disregards or disrespects a religion/ideology/philosophy/person/whatever actually knows enough about what they are talking about to offer their opinion in the first place. Often we see someone parading their opinion around in order to get attention or whatever reaction they seek. Too often we see that the person also knows NOTHING about anything.

    Good show on avoiding major conflict and attention-whoring in this post. You aren’t stuffing your ideas down anyone’s throat. If anyone says you are, ignore them. Irrational people won’t listen to a reasonable defense anyhow…

  2. jay dedman says:

    well said.
    this kind of conversation should just be the beginning.

  3. Funny to see the swirling toilet water after that thoughtful reflection. I would have Jesus over for dinner, but I would not lend him money, lest he knock over my table.

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