We’re moved

Except for a couple of problems, we’ve moved all our services off of Brent’s old box onto the new box at “redwoodvirtual”:http://www.redwoodvirtual.com/. So far I’ve been pretty content with the service. All I should have to do tonight is get majordomo setup (hungover is down for the moment), get hypermail setup for the archive and get an rsync backup setup to my new MacLinux box.

So, I’ve also got the Mac booting into “Gentoo”:http://www.gentoo.org/ 2005.0 now. I’ll post up some screenshots of it booting in the next few days.

If any of your mail to me bounced, sorry, I had postfix misconfigured for a few hours last night. So far everything with the move and Linux on my G3 project has gone smoothly.

To give you an idea of what I did:

* Backed up Mel and I’s wordpress databases
* Copied the public_html directory from typhoon.org over to the new box
* Restored the databases and got the blogs working on the new server
* Changed the DNS on globe and stage to point typhoon.org over to met (the new box)
* Setup postfix, spamassassin + razor, pyzor & dcc to relay incoming mail
* Copied Brent, Mel, Doug and I’s email over to the new box
* Setup a global procmailrc for Junk mail filtering
* Ran mb2mh as all users individually to convert their mail from mbox format to maildir
* Changed DNS for mail.typhoon.org to point to met
* Setup irssi and screen so I can IRC from the box

That was about it. It was about weekends worth of work. Quite an enjoyable project for the weekend :). I’m sure I’ll have something more exciting to write about tonight.


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