Move Gentoo on a Beige G3?

So I’ve come to the realization it might be best to move Ash has got business customers setup now on stage (the box hosting this website and our email etc), and our interests have started conflicting. I’m going to start helping out with WordPress-Pg I think, and I need the abliity to willy nilly install different versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, etc. Also, I’m looking to move off of Sendmail and UW IMAP to Postfix and either Courier or Cyrus IMAP to fix my concurrent access problem I’ve got now, and I can’t do these things while our box is supporting production users.

So I think I’ve determined the best way to do this will be to move off of stage and move onto my own box. I’ve considered getting a new box together and running Xen to give us all a virtual machine, but right now I don’t have the time or the hardware. So while I’m searching around for stuff today, I stumped upon Redwood Virtual, which offers UserMode Linux virtual machines for $10/mo for 64 Megs of RAM, 2 Gigs of Space and 20 GB of transfer. This seems like a pretty kickass deal, so I figure at $10/mo it’s worth trying out. I’m also looking to get a box together running Xen that Rob would provide for Dan and I. I guess I’d provide either the install, the admin work or cash in the deal, since Dan’s worked out the bandwidth with Schnur down at FastQ. Who knows, but there’s some viable solutions out there, and I think this’ll be the best for all of us. Maybe if we can get the hardware together I’ll keep the stuff in Arkansas but move it all to virtual machines, who knows.

Anyways, so the other project for the day is getting Gentoo loaded up on this Beige G3. From my initial research, it appears I’m going to have to boot into OS X and run BootX to load up the Linux kernel. This isn’t that bad I suppose. Oh well, I’ll let everyone know about how that proceeds. I need a development environment to play around with and I don’t want to muck with doing PHP, Python and other misc web development on OS X. I’d rather have a box I can trash if I need. Should be an interesting experiment. Need to do something with this hunk of metal that’s been sitting on the floor down here.


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