Stolen Underwear

Watch out for those baggage screeners!

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Maggie Likes Ryanne

A reply to Ryanne’s post A Gift. Our dog, Maggie, really seemed to like her. You really need to see this.

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Be Grateful

The video has absolutely nothing to do with the message, but unfortunately I’m working with castoff footage from last week until the camera comes back on the plane with my wife :). Still, I think an important message to be shared, and another friendly reminder from :).

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Day In The Life

So this is pretty much in a day in my life. I spent several days editing this trying to get it to where I liked it, and while I’m still not 100% happy with it, I decided it was best just to get it out there. Now that this is finished maybe I can move on with a couple of other ideas for stuff. I’m kinda limited this week though since my wife has the camcorder with her in Arkansas…

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Microsoft hiring a professional videoblogger?

Jeff Sandquist posted on his blog two days ago a position for a technology evangelist on the Channel 9 team. How cool would that be!? Basically, they’re looking to hire another Robert Scoble. The job description:

Technical Evangelist
The first job is an online technical evangelist to join the Channel 9 team. In the past year the site has grown in both traffic and content. As a result we are looking for another unique individual who has both the passion, the knowledge, and the skills to help us tell the Microsoft story online using video.

We are looking for a rare bird for a new kind of evangelism role at Microsoft. The ideal candidate will be well versed in the current wave of Microsoft developer technologies, industry trends, and competition. Experience in software development is preferred but not required. Strong digital video filming, editing, and compression skills are required as the team shoots, edits, and produces its own video on site.

You would be a member of a small team responsible for the care and feeding of this unique community. An active passion for connecting with customers and sharing your passion for Microsoft products is required. Strong written, verbal, and visual communication skills are required. Roles and responsibilities change quickly so flexibility and fast decision making abilities are a must. Experience with blogging, wikis, and social software technologies a plus.

What would be exciting about that job would be the ability to not only evangelize what Microsoft does well to the outside world, because they do do a lot of things well, but also evangelize what they’re not doing well back inside the company. I can’t think of a better job than one which gives you the ability to effect change, and the ability to effect change in a company like Microsoft is definitely about the top in my list of cool jobs. I’ve applied.

Friendly Reminder

Video says it all.

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Because 14 Comes After 3

OK, so I think the Vlogger community should really get together and do our own iPod campaign. So, we’re putting ourselves out there, we’re starting it all up, lets see some more! (Yes, we know we’re horrible dancers, that’s sort of the point).

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So here’s another one. This is Mel and I driving home from the Grocery store last night. I spent about 5 hours editing this up. All the vocals and other noises etc are me attempting to do a re-mix kinda thing over the trance. iMovie has some bugs with the Fast/Slow/Reverse effect that will cause it to generate a fraction of a second long of extraneous audio. This is really annoying, and I couldn’t fix it, and since I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the video effect it’s still in there. Sorry. However, I think this is a good take on what has become a standard vlogger driving video. Let me know what you think, I’m a comment whore! 🙂

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My Thoughts on Religion

So, here’s another videoblog post. This one’s a couple of thoughts about Christianity and religion. If you’re not interested in my views, or if this is somehow going to upset you, please don’t watch. Now, to be fair, I don’t say anything I think anyone would find offensive, but some people are not very open to people who don’t believe the way that they believe. However, I think it’s a good piece. I cut down over 10 minutes of video to 3, so it’s sort of a best of my coherent thoughts.

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Eric Rice does some cool shit

I’ve been watching the last couple of Eric Rice’s videos from his vlog. He does some really cool shit. I’m just starting out in this video thing, but I’m coming to realize:

# There’s a lot of skill involved here
# There’s a lot of time involved here

Eric, if you’re reading this, you’re doing some cool shit. For instance, you’ve got access to either some equipment or some software I don’t, because I’m pretty sure with a my camcorder I couldn’t get shots that show only my face and a black background without being ridiculously grainy (it would help if I had a 3 CCD camcorder, but alas, need mo’ money). Maybe it’s simple, and you used a black backdrop? Maybe there’s an effect in your software I don’t have? I don’t know, I’m just too new to the video thing. The other stuff I think I could do with effects from iMovie or third-party effects (or maybe I need FinalCutPro?), but I’m just amazed at the quality of stuff being produced by videobloggers. I’m assuming most of you are amateurs, but I think maybe my assumptions are wrong.

Anyways, I feel honored to be entering into a community that, along with just sharing your thoughts and feelings through video, also contains a crew of skilled members that can produce video content on par with what you’d see on Television or out of Hollywood. It’s so exciting!