Is Blogging Like High School?

I suppose as I read more and more blogs (and especially more and more of the popular blogs), it seems that bloggers are mainly interested in blogging. OK, that’s probably a disservice, and I suppose it’s the pot calling the kettle black since I’m blogging about blogging. I guess most blog about their own subjects. It’s just that when you read enough blogs you hear a shitload about blogging. Deborah Branscum has written a somewhat insightful post as to how blogging is like High School titled “High School and the Blogosphere: A Consideration”.

I’d like to add some comments to her thoughts:

1. In high school, girls rule, boys drool. In the blogosphere, boys rule, girls drool.

Perhaps that’s because we can’t see your breasts? Seriously, women’s power in high school is the same afterwards. I don’t think you could possibly be implying that girls in high school were revered for their intellect. If you’re not telling us you’re a woman on your blog, how are we supposed to know? Blog as a man. See if that makes a difference.

2. In high school, it’s jocks vs. nerds. In the blogosphere, it’s wonks vs. nerds.

I’m not sure there was ever a contest like this in high school. Did the dorks, geeks or nerds ever win out over the jocks? I think the only person having this kind of conflict were the nerds, the geeks and the dorks. I think the jocks were just largely oblivious.

3. In high school, there are the popular kids, then everybody else–and it really, really matters. In the blogosphere, there are the popular kids and then everybody else. And so what? We’re adults now and this is blogging, not serious business. (Um, except when it’s serious business.)

I don’t know if this is written from someone who’s not really moved around in business circles or not (EDITED: She’s written for NewsWeek, Fortune and the New York Times, to her credit). This description of the way the high school and the blogosphere works I think could be generalized fairly effectively to the entire world. I only see the blogosphere (I really hate that word, I should come up with something better even if only I use the word) as a microcosm of the real world.

4. In high school, there’s plenty of foul language. In the blogosphere, there’s plenty of foul language.

What the fuck? Why the fuck is this a goddamned issue?

5. In high school, teens can’t wait to enter the real world as independent adults and escape their adolescent misery. In the blogosphere, adults can’t wait to start blogging to escape the real world and its misery.

The grass is always greener. People consistently change careers to find a better one and people switch jobs to find a better job and people switch spouses to find a better one.

Maybe Deborah’s point would have been more insightful but less catchy if she was comparing High School and the blogosphere to the real world. As much as I hated High School, and believe me my life is much improved since then, the real world works much like it. Some people are popular and some aren’t. Luckily, in the real world, as in the blogosphere, it’s often times deserving. Thankfully, unlike High School, It just so happens that I have the upper hand in the real world over the jocks. I feel very sorry for the jocks, as I’d hate to live the rest of my life realizing the best had already passed me by.


One Comment on “Is Blogging Like High School?”

  1. Mel says:

    hmm…. this gives me an idea – Clint make sure the camera is charged, I think I’ve found a way to spice up my website. Maybe you can register when you get home 🙂

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