Shirley Heights, Antigua

Shirley Heights, Antigua

Originally uploaded by Coccyx.

So, I’m going to start blogging with more photos, because I think it makes my site look pretty. And since this is one of the pretties photos I’ve taken, I figure this is a pretty good start.

The main point of this post though, is to tell you about Flickr. Flickr rules! Basically, once I got WordPress up to 1.5 to where xmlrpc wasn’t broken, Flickr now posts directly to the blog without me having to do anything. It also lays things out very pretty, which is nice. Also, a third party user has developed a plugin for Flickr from iPhoto to export photos directly to Flickr! This is badass! This makes photo blogging a brain dead affair. Export from iPhoto to Flickr, and then blog from Flickr to the website. Awesome! I’m going to take a look at the source for the iPhoto exporter and see if I can do something similar for Gallery to eliminate the Flickr dependency, but seriously, it rules. Check it out, it has other cool features like being able to define certain areas of your photos to have mouse overs, so that if you have a group photo you can label who each person is, etc. It also is a big photo-sharing community, which is what I think people are drawn to it for. Personally, I like having the stuff on my own website, but still these guys are rocking. I guess Yahoo got them for a teal at $30 something mil.


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