It Ended

So like all things, good and bad, the Trip from Hell ended. Luckily the flight in Dallas was not delayed too significantly, and I made it in nearly on time.

The rest of the week hasn’t been nearly as interesting or entertaining unfortunately. I’ve been entertaining myself this weekend on LinkedIn, which is basically a business networking site. You sign up (usually from an invititation from a friend), and then you link in all your other friends. Through them, you can make contacts at companies you may be interested in working for or doing business with etc. I’ll have 8 people connected once everyone acknowledges my invites. I think I need to meet more people.

Tomorrow’s Oscar night. We’ve watched all 5 Best Picture nominees this year. Finding Neverland probably wins for the most heart-touching story, even though J.M. Barrie was probably a pedophile in real life. The Aviator probably wins for Best Picture though, and it was overall probably the best movie. Mel would be able to better tell you who all are going to win in every category though. Perhaps she’ll provide her review of the Oscars tomorrow. In the mean time, I probably need to update my resume.


One Comment on “It Ended”

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