Time for another update

So it’s time to make another update. I did get in line to be reaccomidated awaiting boarding for the flight on a new plane. After waiting in line for 30 minutes and the line not moving, I decided to just go have a seat and deal with it in Dallas. Shortly after that, they began boarding the plane again. The plane boarded as normal, and after sitting there for approximately 15 to 20 minutes after everyone was on board, it became obvious that there was another problem. Basically, from what we were told, the plane that they replaced our plane with had a 6×10 (don’t know if that’s inches or feet, assume inches) hole in the bottom of the engine. Don’t know why someone gave us a plane to board that wasn’t safe to fly to begin with, but sure enough, it became time to get off another plane without being even to Dallas.

So, after that, while seeing a line about a mile long to be reaccomidated, I was able to get American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum desk to reaccomidate me. This freed up a significant amount of time, but as it stands, my flight to DFW is now delayed because the plane that I was supposed to be on going to Dallas (which is now leaving at about 8:45 or so, which will put it in about 10:15 or so, about 6 hours late) has been allocated the plane we originally were supposed to get. So now, I’m waiting for another plane from LaGuardia to arrive to take us to DFW. You can read my other posts to see what a nightmare this trip has been, but this appears to just be par for the course. If there’s one thing this job has taught me, it’s definitely gotta be patience. Oh well, at least I’m in the US and have wireless internet access. I hopefully will make it to Dallas tonight, and if I’m lucky, I’ll make it to Seattle tomorrow.


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