I got my boarding pass with a Seat Assignment!

For those of you that travel frequently on airlines, you know why this is so exciting. I have experienced yet another day where I’ve spent an entire day trying to go from point A to point B. How far apart these two points are rarely matters. In this case it was probably about 1000 miles as the crow flies. No matter, now I’ve got a boarding pass with a seat assignment. When my first flight was late and I missed the connecting flight (could have made it, but there’s no way to get through Customs and Immigration in less than 45 minutes if you’ve checked bags) I got rerouted through San Juan, which meant another wonderful day of sitting in the American Eagle departure lounge waiting for my flight (in this case about 6 hours). However, up until about 30 minutes ago I was waiting for a chance to get on the flight, and now I’m waiting with a confirmed seat, which means I’ll actually get to my destination today (albeit 9 hours late).

Luckily I usually bring entertainment with me, in this case a laptop with an GPRS/EDGE card and an iPod. Although the iPod seems to be stuck on Sarah McLachlan recently, don’t know why that is (actually it seems to have just changed to my Beatles playlist, imagine that). It helps to able to get on the Internet from anywhere, because at least then I can IM, IRC, and make stupid blog posts :). I suppose I could be working, but what’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s Saturday, and I figure by sitting here I’m fulfilling my obgligation for working.

Actually, speaking of work, we found out that Cingular International Headquarters functions will be moving to Atlanta by the end of 2005. This means that, barring some burr up my ass that makes me decide that Atlanta doesn’t suck, that my job will be over by the end of the year. Time to start considering new options I suppose. There’s quite a few opportunities in the Seattle area, so I could decide to stay or I could decide to take another contract position and maybe go to another country to work for a while. I’m also considering going back to school (although I still have to maintain full-time employment to do it). I’ve considered looking at UW to see if they need any IT people, as their benefits for employees going to school are pretty good. I don’t know how competitive their salaries are, but I guess these are things I’ll flesh out over the course of the year. I’ll get a 60 day notice and a month’s worth of severance based on tenure, so while that’s not outstanding, it could definitely be worse.

So, time to head to St. Maarten and install a server, then I get to come home. The rest of the trip has been postponed due to an outbreak of Chicken Pox from my last trip to Puerto Rico. Out of the 9 of us, 2 of us had had the Chicken Pox and everyone who hadn’t had it got it. We’re really short staffed right now. Should be a fun week.


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