Just another day

So I haven’t made a post here in a while. I’m not exactly sure what the last post I made was in fact. Whoever actually reads this will be happy to know I’m fine. Maggie and Melanie are doing fine as well. I suppose it’s just another day.

Most of you I’m sure are probably interested in how things are going at Cingular. We’re all still in a holding pattern (most of the Blue side is in fact. Blue is what we call the former AT&T Wireless internally). There have been some layoffs, mostly for redundant positions in Legal, etc. Some of these have been casualties of Cingular policies on the number of paralegals to one Attorney etc, including two in our department. Seeing as we probably do more with Lawyers in International than just about anyone else, this seems a like a good place to make an exception, but they’re still trying to figure out just what the hell having an International division is all about (which in our case, it’s about making exceptions to nearly every rule).

I’m about to leave for a trip to Grand Cayman. I was rather upset earlier to learn that I had not paid enough attention to my travel reservations and learned that I’m going to lose almost an entire day on travel since I’m not leaving till tomorrow at 10 PM. I’ll also be hitting St. Maarten (which Melanie is incredibly peeved about) as well as Barbados on this trip. It’s time to migrate us off the Linux machines we’ve been using for the past year as our PDCs to Windows. Time to conform I guess :). Numerous factors leading up to that decision, and anyone who really cares why a Linux/Samba installation didn’t work out for us, the reason can be left pretty much at Messaging. Nothing beats Exchange right now, especially when you need Blackberry Enterprise Server. Oh well, we’ll trade one set of problems for another.

As far as I know, we’re still safe for the next 6 to 12 months. The current feeling around the office is that there’s only room for one headquarters and that most of our functions will move to Atlanta over the next year to 18 months. That’s fine. I’ll probably be ready for something new by then anyways.

I also need to make a post about my new Mac sometime soon. I’ve got some interesting thoughts on things I didn’t consider previously with my Windows versus Mac debate (I still think the value proposition isn’t there for the masses, but it’s some damn cool hardware for a geek 🙂 ). Perhaps I’ll have something interesting to write about after I take this 6 hour Alaskan flight direct from Seatac to Miami. That’s going to be a long flight.


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