Worst Analogy Ever

Passing through the living room a minute ago, I heard what I think may be the worst analogy ever. Crossfire is on and I have no idea who our host on the right is – Tucker and Bob seem to be absent today – whoever he is, the topic is sex education. The guest on the left must have been talking about Planned Parenthood (or Evil Satanist’s if you prefer), mystery host on the right responds,

“Passing out condoms in high school is like passing out cookbooks at a fat farm.”

I’m no queen of the analogy, but I could have come up with something much better than this. I don’t even care if they pass out condoms in schools – I’ll care more if/when I have a teenage child – there are problems with both sides of the argument. But back to the analogy, seems to me passing out cookbooks in a fat farm might be a good idea. I’m not familiar with every overweight person’s history, but research shows that one of the biggest contributors to obesity (if not the biggest) is unhealthy eating habits. The majority of cookbooks on the market are either the Better Homes and Garden variety type of cookbook or weight loss specific and these types of cookbooks all include a section on the food pyramid and healthy eating. They also include an abundance of low fat recipes. I guess one could say that the fundamental right’s solution to teen pregnancy is about as enlightened as an anorexic’s solution to body fat.
Tucker and Bob should never be allowed to go on vacation, Paul and James’s usual replacement (her name escapes me – but she usually gets some good one-liners in) is much better.


2 Comments on “Worst Analogy Ever”

  1. Brent says:

    Well, I am the king of analogies and I’m appalled.

    depending on your opinion (mine being obvious), one could argue that passing out condoms in high school is like installing an airbag in your car. Sure, you may not *plan* to have sex, but what’s the point of getting drunk and getting laid if you’re mangled in a car wreck the next day.

    or something.

  2. Vicki says:

    Actually, passing out condoms in high schools is a lot like passing out cookbooks on a fat farm: the people who need them the most will ignore them or be too ignorant/too embarrassed to use them. Or, perhaps, they’ll be too hopeless/defeated to use them. So the analogy sort of works–but not as an argument from the right.

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