Baseball, Michael Moore, and losing weight

I’m a casual baseball fan. I used to be a big fan but after the Pirates lost all their great players and stopped winning games I stopped following it as much. I tried to rekindle my love for Anahiem, and the 2002 series certainly didn’t disappoint, but it just didn’t get me going the way it used to. When we moved here I thought I’d try to be a Mariner’s fan…………. but we all can guess how that went. It’s hard being teamless, but it does allow for you to throw your support behind a great story. At this moment, I’m glad I have no loyalties. I’m certainly not a Red Sox fan, but hell, how can you not be rooting for them right now? Game 6 hasn’t been as exciting so far as 4 and 5, but I’m actually hoping they won’t go into extra innings on this one – I actually have other things I need to do tonight. While the ALCS games have been pretty awesome, I can’t say the same for the National League. My dad would kill me for saying this, but if the Cards keep playing like they’ve played the last couple of games – they don’t deserve to go to the world series. I’d like to see them in it. They had a killer season, but those last two games were just poor. I don’t know anyone who isn’t hoping to see Boston and St. Louis in it this year. Of course, that’s cause I don’t know any Yankee or Astro fans – if you’re a Yankee fan, know that I hate you 🙂 Not as much as any Braves fans, but close. So while I sit here and enjoy Boston’s lead I’m going to do a bit of complaining – about somoene I dislike not as much as an average Braves fan, but again, close. Ooh – hold on – you can’t slap the ball out of somebody’s hand. Let’s see what the umps are going to say. Wooohoooo – Yankees fans are not happy – back to a 4-2 lead for the Sox. Ok, back to annoying bastards. I was all set to watch this stupid Fahrenheit 911 movie just so I could say I’ve seen it. My reasons for not looking forward to it weren’t that I necessarily disagree with it’s message, but that I can’t stand to see anyone stomp around, waving their hands in the air, and screaming about the injustices they believe surround them. I didn’t buy Ann Coulter’s books either. I’m sure some would say that’s not wise and that I should “listen to the truth” or “know my enemy”. But I would say to them – I know my enemy, it’s the damn misrepresenters of fact. I know their game and I know how easy it is to manipulate facts any way you want. Well, I was going to watch the movie anyway, but I’ve changed my mind. For the same reason the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth make me want to vote for John Kerry, Michael Moore makes me want to vote for Bush. This guy is beyond obnoxious. I was already peeved that he’s a complete media whore….

Baseball break – they’re bringing out police in riot gear – I’m going on record right now – the American League playoffs will be more exciting than the World Series. Not that this is uncommon – Frequently, the “big game” is a disappointment compared to one or two of the “smaller ones” leading up to it.

Media whore …. now he’s working on a new film. Apparently, he dug deep into his vat of knowledge and decided that the pharmaceutical industry was bad and needed to be exposed. Why he chose this as his new target is a mystery. I mean, both Bush and Kerry have singled out drug companies as a big evil contributor to the “disaster” that is our health care system. The average person is going to be with him from the beginning. Mainly because the average person is a moron and says to themselves, “yeah, when I had syphillis I had to pay a lot of money for the medication to treat it, and these drug companies are getting fat while I had to eat ramen noodles for a month to pay for my drugs…. drug companies are evil.” The average moron (Michael Moore included) doesn’t consider the billions and billions of dollars that go into R/D to make a pill that will lower your blood pressure, heal damage to your esophagus, allow you to play chess with your grandson, and cure your venereal disease. So yeah, drug companies are evil – let’s make laws that make it an unprofitable industry so that all the good developers quit – great plan. Here’s my next reason for why this whole thing annoys me. Moore has offered Doctors $50,000 if they’ll let him install hidden cameras in their break rooms and sample closets, and $5,000 to any pharmaceutical rep who’ll give him info. This is the same logic employed by Mike Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High – “If you put out the vibe to 50 -60 girls eventually one of them’s gonna bite.” If he succeds, he’ll find some bad reps , but big deal, I could find some bad teachers, factory workers, lawyers, programmers, or ministers. Also, no decent rep is going to risk his or her job for $5,000. If they do, they were on the verge of getting fired anyway.

Did you know that the Sox are one out away from being the only team in baseball history to come back from a 3 game deficit?
This suspense is killing ….. .oh, it’s over. Get those boys out of there before there’s a riot. Game 7 is on – Did you know that God touched Curt Schilling? That’s what he says, he’s also proud of his teammates. Uh – oh, coach says Schilling got through on heart – now I’m confused, was he touched by God or did his heart pull him through?

Ok, bad drug reps – they exist. Michael Moore sucks, and just to make sure I mention something about all the things in the title: loosing weight, the low carb craze pisses me off. There is one way to loose weight – burn more calories than you eat. If you follow healthy eating habits and exercise, you will not be obese. Unless you have a real condition that prohibits this – and I mean a real condition, not some imagined, “I’m big boned”, “I have a thyroid problem”, “It runs in my family” line of crap.
I recognize that a real thyroid problem can result in weight problems, but the percentage of people who blame their weight on this far outweighs the percentage of people actually afflicted with it.



3 Comments on “Baseball, Michael Moore, and losing weight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen!!! Michael Moore was actually spotted (so I hear) in Conway, Arkansas. He wore a name badge. Now, I ask you….if you know there is a huge possibility you could be on film (and probably fired), will you as a pharmaceutical rep be forward in having brave conversations with a very busy doctor concerning dosing, safety, efficacy of a product or will you be one of the thousands of reps who simply ask for a signature and spout off a canned four word message? Probably and unfortunately the latter. It could be said that Michael Moore is inhibiting a patient’s right to a safe and efficacious course of treatment. It would not take too much digging on the part of Mr. Moore to find hundreds of representatives who violate PHRMA guidelines and FDA policy. Many physicians read studies and package inserts before treating a patient with a product. However, there are those physicians that rely on the knowledge of the pharmaceutical representative to address dosing, safety and efficacy. The majority probably do a bit of both. A good representative will be very honest with a physician regarding pros and cons of each product they represent. The term is called “fair balance.” My bet is that Mr. Moore won’t catch the majority of these representatives doing their job correctly.

  2. I can’t wait to read the discussion on this.

  3. Ryan Taylor says:

    Michael Moore is a big fat liar. I don’t hate him. But he is big….I mean..BIG. He’s f’in’ FAT! And he does tell ALOT of lies. His life sucks, so he tries to make our wonderful president, the stud, the Texan, then bad ass, the one and only, GW, look like a bad guy when he’s really not. Most conservatives would say “all you liberals can eat shit and die!” Well, I just want to say I feel sorry for you all that you’re so misguided and ignorant to what the real world is. Grow up, recognize the truth, and stop being a bunch of tree hugging, hippie pussies.

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