A poem

You’re not the first to share my bed.
I’ve let others live inside my head.
For days I’ve kept you in my sights.
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried through these past nights.
And even though I’ve held you dear,
I see the end is drawing near.
I’ll shed my clothes and grab a coke.
We’ve only time for one last soak.
I’ve enjoyed your plot quite a bit.
Soon I’ll find a shelf for you to sit.
The water’s cold but there’s still pages to probe.
Just sit on the edge while I reach for my robe.
Oh no! Oh dear! Before my eyes.
You’ve grown to nearly twice your size.
I did not intend to bring you shame.
I might could use you just the same.
Tomorrow I’ll give you another try.
When time has passed to let you dry.
I’m truly sorry – I deserve your wrath.
I regret I dropped you in the bath.


3 Comments on “A poem”

  1. Cracker says:

    I enjoyed this poem…..what was the doomed tome that Leviathan tried to make his own?

  2. Melanie says:

    As embarrassing as this is to admit, I was re-reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. In my defense, it’s what I picked up to tide me over until Clint was done with Atlas Shrugged.

  3. Cracker says:

    Just finished ‘Firedrake’s Eye’ by Patricia Finney, as of last night. Highly recommmended, if you like historical novels/spy novels/mysteries. Was very well written.

    Nothing wrong with S. King; I’m a sucker for the Gunslinger series.

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