Ah, the Dave Matthews Band

So, I finally got to see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge. If you know me, you know that I’ve been wanting to see them play that venue for several years, after hearing about the awesome show they generally put on at the venue and the absolutely gorgeous surroundings in which to listen to a show. Let me tell you, the venue does live up to its hype, in my opinion. The venue truly is the Gorgeus Gorge at George, Washington (pictures available here).

Both shows we saw were awesome, and I got to see some songs I’ve been wanting to see live for quite some time (Typical Situation, Best of Whats Around, Cry Freedom (yay!), and of course Dancing Nancies). They really do put on a good show. Of course, after getting home I started browsing around on the nancies forums, and it’s simply amazing the stupidity of some DMB fans (I think this would probably hold true for any fan of a band that was as extremely into their band as these people are into DMB). These people watch the setlists and manage to criticize the tour because there were only 55 or 56 songs in rotation this year. Imagine a band going on tour with only 55 songs in their repotoire and rotating between all those songs! These people seriously need to get real. If you went to go see the Rolling Stones, even though they have hundreds of songs at their disposal, if they kept more than 30 in rotation I’d be surprised. Its not like you can just pull a song you haven’t practiced out during the tour unless it’s a really simple song. First of all, most artists probably don’t remember all their songs (not like their fans do anyways). If they even remember performing every song, it’s not likely they remember how to play every one. I’ve written probably fifteen things I’d call complete songs, and I can’t even remember all the ones I’ve wrote (I’m about to start re-recording all the ones I remember so I can go back and re-learn them later).

I’ve also found that there’s a group of people I find more annoying than 12-15 year old girls. Frat Boys. Is there anything more annoying than a group of drunk people who can’t seem to do anything but get in fights amonst themselves? They’re in college, learning and attempting to get a better education, but yet they seem to never have anything interesting to say. I can’t imagine how people like this amount to anything, but maybe that’s because I never felt like wasting years of my life being inebriated.

There were a large group of people at the concerts (I’d say the majority) which were not annoying. I was very thankful for this, it gives me hope for humanity.

I’ve been playing more guitar again this week. I go in spells on being a musician. Some months, I’m really into it. Then I get frustrated and all but stop playing. It seems like every time I’m inspired to play I learn some new tidbit which leads me closer to the holy grail of guitar playing: learning to play good improvised lead. I’m totally lacking inspiration at this point. Bob, my father-in-law for those not in the know by the simple mention of the name Bob, lives 2000 miles away, and while I used to be able to take inspiration for weeks off watching him play for half an hour, I no longer have access to that. I don’t know anyone in Seattle (if you’re reading this and you’re in Seattle, I’m looking for someone to jam with, someone who’s preferably much better than I am), so I haven’t had a chance to jam with anyone since around April of last year when the band the Marks and I were trying to form essentially borke up because I took my current job, which at the time involved a shitload of traveling. I’m going to try to find some musicians to jam with. I had a buttload of fun playing with the Marks, and even though we weren’t much good, we were getting better. I haven’t found anything more fun than really hitting a good song with a couple of other musicians playing along with you, even if you’re the only ones around to hear it. I’m going to get some of these songs recorded, and maybe I can find a set of decent musicians who’d like to get together to have some fun playing together. I’m not even sure I’d want to perform publically, but jamming is just fun. Who knows, maybe those people exist. We’ll see, but I’m on the lookout now.

It’s been a while since I gave an update. I suppose life is pretty boring. Pretty much sitting around and playing guitar, I can’t say I’m really doing much else. I’ve bought a book on learning electronics. I’ve got some ideas for some small electronic devices I’d like to build, and I’ve never really understood how electronics work, so hopefully I can learn to build printed circuit boards and put together my own devices. I’m also looking to get into Amateur Radio, which I think would be a lot of fun. It’s time for some more hobbies to keep me interested, because I just don’t have enough shit to tinker with on the weekends.

So, I suppose thats about the end of my babbling tonight. So, if you get a chance, definitely go see a show at The Gorge. Dave Matthews was talking to God shortly before the Sunday show over coffee and some cigarettes, and God said The Gorge was one of the most beautiful places in the world to play. So take it from God, it’s a good place to see a show. I’d highly recommend the Dave Matthews Band as well, and I don’t care what any of you have to say in your comments about it. I’ll tell you in advance: Fuck Off :).

Thats about it for me. I’ll try to remember to rant on here more often.


One Comment on “Ah, the Dave Matthews Band”

  1. Cracker says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t jump *into* the Gorge after getting stuck for 2 1/2 hours listening to Vanilla-Whitebread and his travelling failed Jazz players.

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