South Carolina, a Christian Nation?

So, it seems that a group of Christians has given up on trying to outlaw abortion, to preach Christianity in schools, to display the Ten Commandments in public institutions, to convince America homosexuality is an abomination, and to convince America that legal marriage of homosexuals somehow affects them. So what you say? People have gotten fed up before. However, they’ve come up with an innovative idea. Take over the state of South Carolina and secede from the union to form their own government.

They’ve determined that if they can move 50,000 people to the state, they can, with focused moving into the proper districts, take over 25% of the legislature. They somehow think that the rest of the state would rally to their cause. I’m wonder if they’ve considered exactly what running your own country entails or how difficult it would be to get the rest of the 4 million people in South Carolina to go along with that, but I guess they figure it’s a good idea. I figure if the Mormons don’t have their own country yet, they’re probably not likely to get one either (there’s a buttload more Mormons concentrated in Utah than Christians who are right-wing enough to agree with everything these people are preaching). All I know is I’d have to believe pretty damn strongly in something to move to South Carolina. If they think they can do it, and Gay Marriage offends them that much, then I’m all for them trying. In fact, it’d probably be easier if there was some place for people who felt that strongly to go that’s still in continental North America so they could move there and stop griping so much (I feel the same way about the environmentalist wackos, maybe we should give them Wyoming or something).

Anyways, if you wanna sign up, you can do it at


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