A Good Day

Today has been a good day. Mostly. I would like to note that I am not posting because of my husband’s post – I just happen to have something to say.

Good thing #1:
So this morning I went to a new doctor. Actually, I went to a nurse practitioner because I couldn’t get in to see the doc ’till July but they got with me with the np because of my special circumstances. Those circumstances are that we’re trying to get pregnant and pregnant women create a lot more revenue than women merely wanting pap smears. This is only a guess – I just know that when I say “well, see my husband and I are really trying to get pregnant and I’d really like to get something sooner” all of the sudden, appointments not previously available are magically open to me. So anyway, I went to the np and it was a lovely meeting. I found that my doc in Arkansas may not have been on the cutting edge of fertility treatment and I now have many tests – I think you could say a “battery of tests” to look forward to. It seems that the good people at the Swedish Medical Center are quite committed to getting me pregnant. My parents were both quite moved by the mention of the word “Swedish” in conjuction with my plans to make them grandparents. My father said, “ehhh…. hmmm….. hehe…. ehhh…. those Swedish people know a lot about baby making.” And my mother said, “Oooohhh, the Swedes are on the cutting edge of fertility.” I really don’t know what either of them were talking about but both seemed dissappointed that out of all the people I encountered, none of them were actually from Sweden. But anyway, it was a promising experience and I think that someday Clint and I might actually manage to produce little people with good hair and a flair for computers.

Good thing #2:
Those who know have talked to us since we moved have no doubt heard us speak of Wayne the Maintenance Man. And you know that he is crazy – not in an amusing way…. crazy in a scary way. Well two weeks ago Sunday we saw him and he reported that he had recieved some bad news but didn’t want to “burden” us with it. He was obviously expecting us to encourage him to tell us so that we might give him a beer, or three, and provide some sympathy. Well, we didn’t encourage him – we just said “oh, that sucks” and then went inside. I know that sounds heartless, but you don’t know this person. A couple of days later he came by our apartment to try and get me to take some crap that he found in some empty apartment and he also mentioned that he knew that Billie was coming here in a day or two (He *really* likes Billie). On around Sunday (last Sunday) we realized that we had not seen Wayne in a few days. Clint noted that Wayne’s car was not in his parking space. By Wednesday I started to get excited. I hadn’t seen Wayne in a week. We thought maybe he had quit, or gotten fired, or just left in the middle of the night. Regardless, I had been hapily Wayne-free for an entire week. I still have not seen him. Today, as I drove into our crappy apartment complex I saw the following things:

    A car I did not recognized parked in Wayne’s space.
    The front door of Wayne’s apartment standing open.
    A man I’ve never seen before standing in front of said apartment with a box.

It was a clear sign – Wayne is gone. Now, don’t mistake me, I wish no harm or distress upon the man. I’m just relieved to think that I might not have to worry about him getting drunk and yelling outside our apartment, leaving random junk on my doorstep, dropping by asking if we have any beer, rejecting invitations to accompany him to bars where he will just get very drunk and try to fight Clint, and a variety of other offenses we’ve dealt with over the last few months.
So it seems my day was going quite well… then.. the best thing happened.

Good thing #3:
As I pulled into my designated parking space next to the burgundy Buick belonging to our despicable neighbors I saw something confusing on the patio of our repulsive, crack-head neighbors. It looked like a bunch of white towles lying on the ground. I make it a point not to look at their apartment too long so I came inside and went upstairs. From my upstairs window I saw the following things on the patio of the evil neighbors (whom I hate in case you weren’t aware):

    Cardboard boxes, several.
    White packing paper, tons.
    Trash bags, full of junk

This could only mean one thing – They Are Moving
And I’d be willing to bet they’re moving soon. These don’t seem like the kind of people who are overly prepared. Oh Joy! I can quit smoking now! I can enjoy my outdoors now! I can stop grumbling about basketballs landing in my flowers! I can also, with any luck, never hear a converstation I’ve been hearing from their front door since I moved here:
*Ding Dong*
Inside manly voice: Na man, she asleep.
Outside voice: Fo real? She asleep?
Inside manly voice: Ya man, she asleep.
Outside voice: Fo real? She asleep? It fo o’clock in da noon.
Inside manly voice: Ya man, she asleep.
Outside voice: Fo real?
Inside manly voice: Ya man, fo real.

This can go on for up to 10 minutes… and I swear I am not making this up.
So today shaped up to be a pretty good day. The only bad part of it was when my father detailed his recent kidney stone debacle in which many euphenisms for vomit were used. Alright, one this high note, I’m going to bed. I must get up early tomorrow so as to have enough time to make an angel food cake for Clint (he’s 24 tomorrow).


One Comment on “A Good Day”

  1. Jim says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day. I’m really interested to know what the association between Swedish & baby-making is in your parent’s mind, since I’m like 3/4 or something Swedish and didn’t know that Special Powers came with the ancestry. 🙂


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